About Stange’s LASERWORX

Located in the heart of Bay City, MI, Stange’s LASERWORX is a testament to precision, artistry, and modern industrial craftsmanship. Here at Stange’s LASERWORX we work tirelessly to bring a unique fusion of creativity and technical expertise to the table.

From the beginning, the vision for Stange’s LASERWORX is clear: to harness the power of laser cutting technology and create not just capabilities, but works of art. Today, that vision stands tall as we offer a diverse range of products that seamlessly blend form and function and are all crafted with unwavering attention to detail.

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to excellence at every stage of the process.

Our state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment is meticulously calibrated to ensure utmost precision, ensuring that every cut is clean, every design is accurate, and every product meets our high standards of quality.

When you choose Stange’s LASERWORX, you’re not just getting an industrially manufactured product—you’re investing in a piece of art that carries with it the legacy, dedication, and passion of its creators. Whether you are looking for high-production pieces or simply own a unique keepsake, Stange’s LASERWORX is your destination for laser-cut excellence.

Laser Cutting Bay City MI

Welcome to Stange’s LASERWORX.

Join us in our journey of redefining craftsmanship for the modern age.